At Cree, we have a mission. We want to revive the High Street and make it ready for the future. A net zero future!

We believe in UK Businesses

Recent years have been brutal for UK businesses. The pandemic and energy prices have lead many businesses to shut their doors. We believe there is a still a place for businesses and for commercial property. At CREE, we invest in high yielding commercial properties. We use Government programs, to upgrade the energy efficiency of the properties.

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A true partnership

CREE LLP is run by Vineet Gupta and Parul Gupta. A husband and wife team. Partners in Business and Partners in Life!

Helping Business Thrive

We upgrade business properties and improve the energy efficiency

A Data Diven Approach

We utilise data to derive our decisions. Looking at local vacancy rates and rental yields. The market is tough. That brings opportunities.